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Angel Of has titled her website very accurately. A visit to her site is a religious experience. She's sexy and can get really hot and nasty when the time comes. I'm still unsure if my favorite part of her body is her smile or her ass. But then again why do
Vital Stats
Age - I am in my late twenties and holding.....
Measurements - 34D
Shoe Size - 7
Height - 5ft 3in
Sexual preferences - Bi - curious
I have to choose , I can have both. Angel's opening stament on her site is "Ready to be seduced?" I went in thinking I was, and got much more than I expected.
Sex Guide: Where were you born/raised?
Angel:I'm the "East coast" girl. lol I've lived in several states on the east coast of the US.
Sex Guide:When did you start your site and what made you say "I think I'll put naked pics of myself on the net for everyone to see" ?
Angel:MMmmm My husband said.. "Hey Sweetie, I've been thinking about starting a new business. I think we should have an adult website." My mind went... "DING" ( Yes, I'm blonde! It goes ding sometimes.) and do you think I'm letting him take a bunch of pictures of naked girls??? lol I said "Sure Honey, I'll even be the model for you." So, we started taking pictures and loved it. Then we added movies and loved it more. Then we discovered cam shows and I adore it! now I have multiple cam shows a week and do private camming as well. Both of us quit our "real" jobs and have been sickeningly happy ever since.
Sex Guide:When ( I mean if !) you and I were having wild sex would you prefer to be on top of me or you prefer I do all the work !
Angel: Why choose??? I'm in it for the long hall. We'd go at it for hours and noone needs to stay in any one position too long. lol
Sex Guide:What's the nastiest thing you've said to someone during phone sex ?
Angel: Nasty is not just the one thing. It's the whole experience, the imagery. Phone sex and camming are one big ertoic story. I start with sensually teasing you mind and cock with full soft breasts, stroke you through the intensified arousal as you feel the satiny skin of my ass and then suck you or fuck you using the pinkest mouth and pussy with such intensity that you are left with your mouth agape and can only utter.. "wow".
Sex Guide:Did I mention you have an incredible smile ?
Angel: No, but thank you. My guys call it my "Billion Killowatt Smile". I think it's so big because it's honest.
expect to be teased, aroused, fullfilled, and seduced
Sex Guide: If I ask nicely, would you send me your bra tag ?
Angel: lol No. I'll send you an entire bra with the tag cut out. lol I hate tags. They drive me nuts and there is nothing more annoying to me than a beautiful picture of an erotic woman with a white tag showing through gorgeous lingerie. It's completely distracting.
Sex Guide:If you had to describe in one sentence what someone can expect when joining your site, how would you describe it?
Angel: Wow, that's alot to say in one sentence. Let's just say they can expect to be teased, aroused, fullfilled, and seduced.
Sex Guide: If I bumped into you in a bar and I were to pull my best pick up line on you, "Hey baby, Is it hot in here or is it just you?" would it get me anywhere ?
Angel:No, but it would get you a sly smile and a wink. lol
Sex Guide:Who's the lucky guy who gets to shoot all your pics? He must have one hell of a bulge in his pants while he's shooting you.
Angel: My photographer is my webmaster. My webmaster is my Cam Show Op. My show Op is my best friend. My best friend is my husband. lol He and I do everything ourselves.... pure amateur self-taught right from the beginning.
Sex Guide: Anything else you feel you would like to share with us ?
Angel: I'm devoted to my site and my membership. I thoroughly enjoy finding new ways to arouse and stimulate my own libido as well as my members. It's an interaction between us. I do bring in another girl occasionally. I am turned on exploring women when I find someone I am comfortable with and can truely enjoy. However, my focus in mutual pleasure with my members. I do private shows full time and have my chatroom right inside my site. My guys stop in for "Kiss-N-Runs" all the time. lol
Angel:Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tease you and I hope you come by my site or catch me in one of my many live shows each week. Kisses, ~Angel~

Are you ready to be seduced? Get you ass over there! Don't keep this Angel waiting !





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