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Emal Joe

exhi·bition·ist n.
1 : one who engages in or is addicted to exhibitionism
2 : someone with a compulsive desire to expose the genitals [syn: flasher] b: someone who deliberately behaves in such a way as to attract attention
3 : one hell of a sexy girl from the UK
Vital Stats
Age 30yrs
Measurements 34-26-36
Shoe Size 6½ UK
Height 5ft 7inches
Sexual preferences Straight/Bi-curious
I recently fell on and was truly mesmerized . Being a huge fan of outdoor exhibitionism, I was instantly hooked. It also doesn't hurt that I found the exhibitionist in question to be extremely attractive.

Sex Guide: Where were you born/raised?
Sexy: I was born in the UK in the county of Yorkshire. I currently live in the North West of England.
Sex Guide:Describe a typical weekday with the Sexy Exhibitionist.
Sexy:My morning ritual is waking up over coffee whilst reading my e-mails and the news on-line. I work as a P/A part time. When I'm not working I spend the morning updating my site, replying to e-mails, compiling promotional material etc. I try to leave afternoons free for picture and video shoots. My boyfriend whom I live with and I also like to spend time at the cinema and taking some fresh air, either walking or driving out somewhere for the day. On weekday evenings we tend to stay home watching television, cooking, which we enjoy very much and of course indulging in carnal pleasures ;) On weekends we take the opportunity to socialize with our friends and family, nights out at restaurants, pubs/clubs, bowling etc. Sundays are set aside for a family luncheon.

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Sex Guide:Does the sexy ex have a name? Will you share it with us?
I am half Indian, my father is Indian and my mother is British. Due to my ethnic origins I have a very unusual and recognizable name so forgive me for not sharing this with you guys. I just feel that disclosing my real name would make it easier for the nuts out there to find out my personal details. Call me Sexy, after all this is what I am and describes me perfectly :)

Sex Guide: I'm a huge fan of outdoor nudity and sex. You seem to do quite a bit outdoors. Have you ever been caught nude ?
Yes, we have been caught out on several occasions!! I cannot complain though, as the risk of this happening is a large part of the thrill. On my outdoors page in my videos section there is a movie called 'On The Sands' which features my partner and I entering into sexual activity after a slow build up of me undressing down at the Beach. After filming we discarded the video camera and carried on having sex, a young couple walked past and saw us but I don't think they minded, the young man even smiled at us as if to say "go for it"!! We were also spotted in a local pavilion, I was walking towards the video camera and my boyfriend who was recording me wearing nothing but an open raincoat. As I got closer to the camera I slowly took off my coat to reveal my naked body. An elderly lady displayed her outrage upon witnessing my flashing by waving her walking stick and alerting her companions. We made a rapid exit!! Fortunately we managed to escape without any consequences!!

Sex Guide: How long have you been on the web and what made you say "Hey let's show my fabulous body to the world" ?
Sexy:I started my site 'The Sexy Exhibitionist' with the help of my boyfriend in January 2004. I have always enjoyed showing off, being vivacious and flirtatious by nature. I love to exhibit myself to others who appreciate it. My boyfriend is happy to support me in this endeavour, he enjoys sharing our experiences but does not share me in any physical sense whatsoever

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"I have heard of many sexual fascinations and perversions but this one is a first!"

Sex Guide: It's a funny thing ... As I was in your members area I had a sudden urge to go out and play tennis... Would you join me in a game ?
Sexy: I would love to play tennis with you! I have to admit that I'm not technically brilliant!! However I think we would have fun :) The thing I like best about playing tennis is dressing up in the cute mini tennis skirt outfit.

Sex Guide:Tell us about your craziest story
This is a tough one. There have been so many! I turned 30yrs old recently so my boyfriend whisked me away to the Canary Islands to celebrate. Whilst on holiday it seems that we were spotted. I received a message on my Voyeurweb submission from a guy who claimed to have seen me and my partner on route to a Mexican restaurant in the resort we were staying. He accurately described what we were wearing pin pointing the exact location in the same resort. He did not approach us but he seemed quite excited about seeing me. It was definitely us so I confirmed his suspicions. A small world hey!

Sex Guide: If I ask nicely, would you send me your bra tag ? (yes I have a
fascination with bra tags)
I have heard of many sexual fascinations and perversions but this one is a first! Yes I will send you a bra tag!

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Sex Guide: Did I mention you have an incredible body?
I'm not sure but you have now, thank you very much indeed :) Compliments and feedback are always welcome. 

Sex Guide: If you had to describe in one sentence what someone can expect when joining your site, how would you describe it?
The Sexy Exhibitionist is a real amateur site offering 1000's of pictures and over 400 hardcore, flashing and Sybian movies with a personal touch, you can always interact with me in my live chat sessions, on my message board or via e-mail.

Sex Guide: If I bumped into you in a bar and I were to pull my best pick up line on you, "What's a sexy woman like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?" would it get me anywhere ?
This line would probably earn you a smile and a polite brush off in a bar situation. Obviously when communicating with members of my site I am a lot more open. I am wary of strange men in bars!

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Sex Guide: If the Internet didn't exist , what would you be doing now ?
Good question. The Internet is a big part of my life at the moment. I don't know, maybe I would have a career in Law which I have always been interested in. It can be a mundane profession however so perhaps something involving travel. Sex therapist??!! Housewife with 2.4 children, definitely not! Not yet anyway.
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Sex Guide: Anything else you feel you would like to share with us ?
Sexy:Well I think your questions are fairly comprehensive so I believe I have covered most things. I am an outgoing happy young woman, oops, I hope I still qualify for the young part! I enjoy sharing my sexuality and having fun doing it. Live and let live! If you want to see more of me you can visit my site. If you want to know more about me you can call in to one of my regular live chat sessions.

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